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Hi everyone, Shane here.

Well, it’s been a very busy Summer, naturally. But this Summer completes quite a chapter in my life. After 25 years with the Newport RI Fire Dept, I finally took the massive step into retirement. I’ve been thinking about this moment for quite a long time. Most people my age don’t get to retire for another decade or so…. So, this is quite exhilarating but also, in some way, somewhat strange.

No more nights in the station, the meals together, the laughs….. but also, no overnights on the unforgettable 4-alarm fires in January and the routine EMS calls.

Now – it’s date–nights and travelling with my wife, a garage I need to build and endless other projects I’ve been putting off.

But also; it’s time for me to move on with the stories I want to tell.

I am busy writing my second novel while still showcasing my first one; Welcome to the Absolutely Astounding Life of Whistle Evel Fonzarelli Starr, and the Whistle audio-book is also right around the corner - so yes I expect things will be very busy for me.

So, I hope you are all having an amazing Summer. Hold onto it because Labor Day is almost here. Check back often, because I can promise you that I will be pushing forward with updates a lot more than I have been.

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