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Hello all Whistlers and future Whistlers,

Summer is fading and Fall is stepping up. Personally, I love the Fall because I love the cold. The feel of wearing a sweatshirt, work boots and jeans standing next to a nice fire pit suits me just fine. I guess it's a New England thing. As far as the audiobook goes all I can say is final narration is complete. Music, other than one or two things, is complete. We have now entered the phase of pairing up the narration with music. After that, the sound effects will be edited in. When that's done there will still be quite a bit to take care of. Copywriting and distribution of an audiobook is going to be a whole new adventure for me. But, bring it on. I haven't come this far by being shy or quiet, so here we go, it is time to Rock & Roll!

Quick side note; The countdown toward retirement from the Fire Department is now at ten months. Meanwhile, I am having so much fun writing the second novel, it’s practically writing itself and is well over halfway done. After I retire, writing and narrating will be full-on. I ask that everyone stays patient because when the audiobook gets released it will be more than worth the wait. No one wants to listen to it more than me.

Whistle on... Shane.

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