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Unbelievable! They Have Arrived!

My first shipment of books arrived today. Lisa and I actually had to run down the delivery guy because they had the address wrong. Now they know. Anyway, this is truly a day in my life that I will never forget. I almost tackled the driver when he said he had two heavy boxes for me. I did manage to slow myself, and hand him some business cards (after all I am a professional). He was captured by the story and probably ordered his copy before he left the driveway. Ironic, because I guess I could have just opened the box and handed him one. Bottom line is this, Whistle truly is the best boy, and the Whistle Brigade needs to grow. More to come all Whistlers. Late spring, early summer will bring a whole new level to this. A new genre completely. "ROCK NOVEL!" Maybe a movie deal? Ok, Ok I know, slow down! But hey I can dream can't I? But think about it - who would I want to direct this film anyway? I have my ideas, but I would like to know who the whistlers would like to direct take this on?

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