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Hello all Whistlers of the #whistlebrigade! (And future Whistlers as well).

I have a feeling that once you read Whistle's story you will get it and become a Whistler yourself. (I see it kind of like literary parrot-heads or dead-heads - LOL) trust me, it will happen. It is amazing to me how big the Brigade has already become, and I love it! Anyway, moving on...

It has been a long time since I have posted anything, but for good reason. My entire focus has been devoted to finishing the narration on the audio book (ROCK NOVEL) and now the

light at the end of the tunnel seems like it might be coming. I believe I have two more sessions left in the studio and all my narration should be done. Meanwhile, my musical team is piecing together greatness in the studio. They have so much great material to work with, each chapter will be a musical treat. Then with sound effects mixed in we’ll polish the whole thing up to a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. I can’t wait for you to hear this!

What really excites me about this whole thing is the thought of the reader using their imagination as the movie screen and we provide the rest. In many interviews I have said, "If a million people listen to my story, I will have just created a million different movies." Because all of you creative people out there will paint your own picture of every character and place this adventure will take you to. I do very much suggest reading the book first and getting to know the boy and his story. That will create a natural flow into the audio version and talk of a movie will be left for another post. (What a post that will be!) So, I have pushed back the date of the audiobook so much I am not even going to try to give another release date. This being my first venture down this rabbit hole I keep learning so much. What I thought would be maybe a hundred hours of work is literally thousands of hours of work done by myself and my team. The only thing I will say is, when it does get released, it is going to change the way audio books are made and listened to. That’s my personal guarantee.

Stepping back a bit; If you love great Mexican food, amazing libations with great locally-owned atmosphere, please come join me for a fun event not to be missed at my brother Sean’s restaurant in Amesbury Massachusetts, Hoppy's Cantina.

At Hoppy’s, the banter flows as easily as the drinks and the food is amazing. Hoppy’s is perfectly located in downtown Amesbury Massachusetts. Sean and I will both be there with open arms for everyone. Come eat well, drink very well, and learn about the coolest story written in ages. The date and time will be announced as soon as possible but we are looking at May. So please check my website and Facebook page often and please come join us and have a great time. I will be signing books and I will personally write whatever you would like to make it.

We truly hope to see everybody there to get a delicious bite, have a delicious drink or two, and hopefully join the Whistle Brigade.

So, until then, look forward to Spring, cancel out the negativity of this world we are all living in, enjoy a great book and of course, always whistle on... Shane.

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