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All Whistlers, Yell loud, and yell far because this crappy year is finally winding down. 2021 here we come. The Brigade rolls on. On that note, happy New Year to all. Now it's time for a much deserved shout out..... There is this amazing place located at 1 Casino Terrace in Newport Rhode Island. Right off of Bellevue Ave. Just so happens their phone number is 1(401)314-0500. Now, this place has the best owner, and the best staff you could ever imagine. You become family instantly. They will serve you the best coffee, and bring you delicious food. ( honestly, everything I have had there has been perfect

) trust me, I would tell you otherwise. This amazing place is called CRU! I added the explanation point because I feel they deserve it. The whole team works flawlessly together. Now, Kevin owns the joint, and is smart enough to make sure things are done right. This is followed by a team that follows through. So the true anomaly is, how did they let me into their awesome circle? I definitely do not know, but they have given me a great opportunity to make something very special happen. So if I can, I will. The story is this. A very veteran Newport firefighter writes a novel and waits to see what happens. Huge success, or huge adjustments needed..... Guess we will see. Cannot wait for honest feedback. This brings me to a great young woman that has been directly responsible for all my book fun at CRU. She is beyond awesome, But you will know it soon enough. You just cannot keep a true artist down. So, if you want fun, great food, and a perfect Newport experience, do yourself a favor and go see Kevin and his whole "CRU." They are truly the best. And when you visit CRU remember,

Tell them Whistle sent you.

Roll on......

ps..... if you are curious what that little photo is next to my book display, keep scrolling down.

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